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“The Green Thing” Carbon Neutral Goal

As usual we would like our Blog reading customers to be the first with the news, hence this post.

As a lot of you know the Green Thing is close to our hearts and we have been doing our bit as have the makers of our wonderful products. Reducing, Reusing and Recycling has been our aim for a long time now.
In our efforts, we have realised that it is possible or even essential  for even a small business like ours to do even more.
So today we started our steps to voluntary become Carbon Neutral and offset the unavoidable through verified carbon reduction projects and planting trees in Yorkshire and Humber and soon also planting in Germany. Thereby doing our bit to help prevent climate change and creating space for wildlife.

You will be able to read about our efforts and what we are doing, here and also on our website, just click on The Green Thing.