The Procession of Dukes is a huge wall mosaic 102m long.

On the rear side of the Long Colonnade (Langer Gang) running from the Stable Courtyard of the Castle. Together with other figures, it shows the 35 rulers of the house of Wettin from the 12th – 20th centuries, with their titles. The 93 figures in the mural also include the most famous Wettins such as August the Strong (shown as the Polish King August II) and his son Friedrich August II (August III of Poland). Wilhelm Walther created the original mural using the sgraffito technique.

The weather soon damaged the monumental picture and in 1906 – 1907 it was replaced by 25,000 Meissen porcelain tiles making it the worlds biggest porcelain mosaic. Unlike so many of the cities other great works of art, the Procession of Dukes only suffered minor damage during World War II and only a few of the tiles had to be replaced.

The cleaning and restoration work was completed at the end of the Seventies and since then visitors have once again been able to admire the Procession in its original glory.


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