Located between Theatre Square (Theaterplatz) and Castle Square (Schlossplatz), the Katholische Hofkirche is Saxonys biggest church building, with an area of around 4,800 square metres. The monumental church was built in 1738 – 1755 in the style of the Italian High Baroque, as a counterpart to the Protestant Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche). Italian craftsmen and artists carried out the actual building work. The 78 larger-than-life figures of saints on the attics and in the niches are the work of the sculptor Lorenzo Mattiellis.

Fire gutted the church in 1945, but since then extensive restoration work has been carried out. The nearly 90m tall bell tower of the cathedral containing the main gate dominates Dresdens skyline and is one of the city’s best known landmarks. One unusual point here is that August the Strong’s heart is kept here but the Polish Kings body was laid to rest in Krakow.


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